Sincere and Conversational voiceover in Japanese.

Hello, I am a native Japanese professional voiceover artist.

I have over 20 years of experience and have done various types of voiceovers — corporate videos, TV commercials, web commercials, movie trailers, etc..

I can put my expertise to work for you.


I provide you with  genuine professional voiceover.

When the Japanese hear it, they know it's a professional voiceover.

Nowadays, there are a lot of amateur voice talents. I offer appealing voiceover that they can't.

My equipment:

Neumann TLM102, SSL 2+,

Pro Tools, iZotope RX7

I can correct Japanese scripts.

Japanese translated by AI are often unnatural, and too long to fit English videos.

I can fix them into natural and sophisticated scripts.

I can introduce Japanese voiceover talents that meet your needs.

They are all talents I consider professional. But when you want amateur voices, I offer them.

Voice age:

  • Female (0-90 years old)
  • Male (0-9 years old)


Roles I've played:

  • Mother, Child,
  • Student, Teacher
  • Business person
  • Scholar
  • Soldier, Police officer
  • Villan, Witch
  • Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Squirrel
  • Robot    and so on

I can meet your needs with skill and expressiveness.

What kind of voice over do you need?

Friendly? OK!

Conversational? OK!

Sincere?Of course OK!


I've been doing different types of voiceovers for over 20 years now.



Voice Demo